About the project

The aim of the project is to create open digital educational resources in the field of palliative medicine based on developing innovative guidelines on standardized fundamental medical protocols and clinical language and communication skills for supporting the learning/teaching processes of the medical lecturers, of the language teachers who teach medical students, of medical students, and of the lay people involved in causalities.
Palliative care must be an integral part of a country’s health care system, and as such it must be an element of comprehensive health care plans, and of specific programmes concerning, for instance, cancer, Aids or geriatrics. Aiming to maintain the best possible quality of life for patients with advanced diseases, it requires a coordinated input from a highly-skilled and adequately resourced interdisciplinary and multi-professional team.

Project addresses to the following target groups:
- Lecturers & students in medicine (Medical Universities)
- (Foreign) in-service medical staff
- Social assistants or other staff dealing with palliative care (hospitals/hospices/homecare)
- Nurses
- Language teachers/trainers in medical institutions
- Volunteers (Volunteering bodies)
- Educational centres
- Companies active in social corporate responsibility