Intellectual outputs

O1 - Specialized research of medical literature and practice about palliative care
The aim of this activity is to research & evaluate the medical literature talking about the protocols on palliative medicine, reflects on the current protocols used in the training of the students enrolled in EU medical universities or used by the professionals& volunteers active in the medical world of work.
Package of questionnaires addressed to different target groups for the research on palliative care procedures
List of palliative care procedures
National reports on evaluation of the palliative care situation at medical literature and practical level.
Summative report reflecting on the palliative medicine situation in 4 EU countries.

O3 - Guide of operational procedures on palliative medicine
Aim of the activity is to develop a guide of operational procedures on palliative medicine, in which the recommendations associated to each procedural step is aligned to the existent medical evidence, as found in the research of the latest medical literature.
Guide of 20 operational procedures on palliative medicine
Report on validation of the procedures on the real palliative medicine practice

O5 - Video support for protocols generated
The main aim is to go beyond the stage of production of theoretical educational resources (the Guide) and develop support audio-visual educational materials, capturing in real practice, the procedures presented.
Videos of 20 operational procedures on palliative medicine
Country based videos on specific cultural or medical aspects
National Dissemination Event for presentation of the Guide of operational procedures in palliative care and expansion of the Palliative Care MOOC Network

O6 - Medical communication linguistic resources
The main aim of this activity is to convert the procedures on palliative care videos into language and medical communication learning materials for 6 languages.
Linguistic worksheets on aspects of vocabulary, grammar, communication and materials reaching and adapting the content to different cultural environments, based on the videos created

O7 - Palliative Care MOOCs
Provide open free resources available online for everybody interested in medical procedures and medical communication skills.
Open on-line course on palliative care procedures
Open on-line course on medical communication
National Dissemination Event for presentation of the Educational Toolkit for Communication in Palliative Care, including the guide of medical procedures and the MOOCs, and of the results of the trial activities

O8 - Trainer’s Transversal Kit – palliative and linguistic fields
The aim of this activity is to introduce the resources created in the current medical teaching and medical world continuous learning and professional development activities.
Intensive programmes for teaching staff
Round of trial blended activities for learners
International Exploitation Conference presenting the products and the results of the project, exploiting the Palliative Care MOOC Network and promoting the sustainability of the resources created"